by The League of One

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Wax Museum 03:57
My Blood Shot Eyes, I Can't Disguise The Pain Won’t Sleep, Can’t Eat, Don't Even Know, My Name, This Is Insane. Depression Set Inside My Head Again Curl In A Ball And Stay In Bed Instead Of What I said! Anxious Feeling, Stomach Reeling These Voices, Please Stop Screaming I Want Them, I Need Them, These Fucking Pills I Seath Them Won't You Rescue Me? That's What I Say! That Funny Smell, Is All Around Again It's Like A Rope Around My Throat I Drain Skin Peeling, Soul Stealing , These Voices, I'm Not Dealing, I Need Them, I Bleed Them These Fucking Pills I Feed Them!
Walking round this crack filled town in my fancy steel toed boots feeling down, fucked around just a scouring for a hoot Coiled up pile thanks to this smile in life's shit filled bowl the sewer's back up you're all cracked up The hoot, will take, your soul, no more plastic crackhead Sit and dream, the plastic steam. that comes rising from the spoon it coats my smile, it hurts a while someone take that shit home soon When you can't tell here from now don't know what it's for come back for more i'll show you the door The hoot, will take, your soul, no more plastic crackhead When you can't tell up from ground I'll get you on the way down The hoot, will take, your soul, no more plastic crackhead
I Get Around 03:30
Feeling down, another coke and crown no one around, the only peace i've found life's so shitty when you dont smell pretty Burning hot, I'll take everything you've got Don't need a reason, self preservation isnt treason I have the power, I am the menace of the hour Don't believe me? I've seen it all you can't deceive me. This shouldnt take too long I'm like a roadside bomb Right? Don't be down. I'm coming back I want another round Hey! Take it easy! Wheezing the juice is fucking sleazy! I get around, now you know, I get around I get around, all over your damn town I get around, all over town, no money down, I get around
Just a man, from east van, trying to make his way the best he can Running snow, in over his head Spinning wheels, blowing deals, bit off more than he could chew And so they said You're gonna wind up dead. And so they said, you're gonna wind up dead. Just a man, on the lamb, screwed them over now they got a plan Just a man from east van floating in a tin can Woke up seasick, on the Pacific, floating way off course He wound up on a shore Afloat a broken oar. A box of koolaid under his arm and nothihg more. No nothing more As I floated a shore I noticed a crowd of people gathering What seemed to be flies In preparation for the massice feast, honoring the majesty of the swarm Bleeding and I'm pleading yet they're feeding me some more I can't see forever but I know there's something more. What is this strange creature you have placed inside my bowl? Bleeding and I'm pleading yet they're feeding me some more Too late to know what hit er Koolaid would taste much better What can I say There aint no other way That would be damn rude at best They're crawling, they're creeping and some are even sleeping There are a hundred, a million, a quarter of a billion My stomach's burning, it's chruning, yet longer I am yearning I want some burgers, bug burgers, some koolaid and bug burgers
Antz 03:14
The antz go marching, one by one There coming for me , I better run There marching on, they infiltrate Into my cupboards and eat my steak The antz go marching, two by two There on a mission to find more food They try to hide but I'm not scared I try to swat them, there in my hair A collective thought of tiny minds A collaboration between space and time Marching on just like robots Global supremacy is what they show us A voracious predator, They have become, The pheromone trail, They March upon, Eliminating all, With the power of more, An industrious beast, this is war The antz go marching, three by three Her raw her raw, hare raw for me Cortisept fungus eats there minds They climb a tree then fall and die
Walking down the lonely road that you call life Whats all this for? Struggle everyday, choosing wrong from right Life's endless chore I went downtown today to get myself a fix, Wanted nothing more Drove away the kids and filtered out the tricks, Oh what a bore But I, have no other way, to ease the pain. So I guess that's just the way its gonna be Won't know for sure Win or lose I guess we're gonna have to see Is your shit pure? Then I, finally can escape what I fear most. Real life, coupled with a parasitic host. Hey, wait, please, don't save me from my hell I say, No, Oh, please, just cast me down the well Take me away Dont you take me away I'm here to say Please don't take me away
Bic Blister 04:22
I got me a Bic blister Right here, on my thumb I got me a Bic blister Bitch you know where it's from I got me a Bic blister It hurts real bad I got me a Bic blister and my story, she's real sad and I say Hey yeah alright! I got me a Bic blister I can see the fucking bone I got me a Bic blister Man get my dealer back on the phone I got me a Bic blister what can I say? I got me a Bic blister And I've been up for three goddamn days and I say Hey Yeah Hey I got me Bic blister I got me a Bic blister Man, what do I do? I got me a Bic blister Hey it sucks to be me, how bout you? I got me a Bic blister Hey, what's wrong with you mister? Well I light my smokes with my fist yeah cause I got me a Bic blister
Six 03:53
Dionysus 05:22
My name is Dionysus, ancient God of Wine My father, Zeus the sky God, greatest of his kind. My mother, the mortal, never once did I see. Her life was taken before I had come to be. Just before she died, my father rescued me. Sewn deep into his leg, gained immortality. But Hera, she knew that I would not go away She sent the Titans forth with orders "on to slay" See them coming on the horizon I shall not fear for I will rise again The one and, the only. This song tells of the story The one and, the only Im Dionysus The one and, the only Search the underworld for thee Behold Im Dionysus Im Dionysus
I get up on this lovely day And drag my ass to work again Every day it seems insane, Work so hard for little gain Got to keep the lights on some damn way And when the workday brings me down, I call my brothers, gather round We know that music works best, To take away the workday stress Damn good reason why we're still around I'm in a working man's band So if your workday gets too long Just have a listen to this song. Leave your problems far behind you, Let the music mesmerize you Put you back up on your feet again. I'm in a working man's band.


released February 2, 2018


all rights reserved



The League of One regina, Saskatchewan

High energy, big sound, rock and roll!

Enter The League of One. Three working stiffs from the prairies who bring you a new hard rock experience with classic influences. In short, if you are a fan of bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, RUSH, Led Zeppelin and others like them, The League of One is a must have for your musical library. ... more

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